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1 Ford Place, Detroit, Michigan 48202

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Who we serve:

  • Women ages 18-34 living in Detroit.
  • Women are pregnant at the time they enroll in the program
  • Non-pregnant women who want to lead a healthier lifestyle. They may already have children, or want support to plan a healthy pregnancy.


WIN Network: Detroit focuses on connecting women to support systems, resources, and information in their community when they need it.

Our community health workers, known as Community Health Workers (CHWs) work across Detroit linking women to support services, and providing access to program that develop their skills and goals. CHWs  help women develop support systems within the community.

WIN Network: Detroit provides:

  • Group activity sessions on topics related to healthy lifestyles, including stress management, goal setting, healthy eating, managing healthcare, caring for family and infants, exercising, and family planning.
  • Home visits for expecting mothers to help guide them through pregnancy and prepare for the future
  • Connections to local resources
  • Social support and opportunities to talk with other women who have successfully gone through pregnancy and birth


What we do: In a greater effort to increase infant survival rates in Detroit and elsewhere, we provide digital and print materials to promote a better understanding of what we can do to reduce infant mortality in our community.

Our messages to those we serve:

Pregnant Women: Congratulations, you’re having a baby! There’s a lot to get ready for with a little one on the way. Learn more about how you can prepare for your baby and for both of your futures!

Moms & Babies: We have tips about planning and managing your health after and between pregnancies. Help your growing family have a healthy and happy future.

Young Women: Having kids may not be on your mind just yet, but taking care of yourself is your first priority. We want to give you support to be your very best so you can achieve your goals.

Fathers, Supporters and Loved Ones: Whether you are a father,  auntie, older sister, or grandma, you’re the person the young women in your life trust for unconditional support and advice about life’s challenges. You have a lot to give and we are here to support you with information and tools as you guide them.

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