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If you need help contact the Wayne Metro CONNECT™ Call Center at (313- 388-9799 to learn if you are eligible for assistance. If you are eligible, you will be given an appointment to meet with a Direct Service Specialist (DSS) at one of the many Wayne Metro sites throughout Wayne County. (The Wayne Metro CONNECT™ Call Center will tell you about any documents you must bring to your appointment.) Your specialist will guide you through all necessary steps.

You will also meet with a Community Resource Navigator (CRN) who will guide you to other beneficial services and programs to help you find employment, advance your education, build financial security, improve your housing situation, and address any other needs that you or your family may have.

The Call Center’s hours are Monday - Friday, 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.

City of Detroit Residents: (313) 388-9799

Out County Residents: (734) 284-6999

TTY: 1-800-649-3777


Guided by our belief that no one should live in poverty, Wayne Metro empowers people and communities to be strong, healthy and thriving.

Wayne Metro Community Action Agency has assistance in the following areas:

Healthy Baby Resources

Provides Wayne County’s new and expectant with resources, education, supplies, and services to support happy, healthy families and children.

We offer safety seats for infants, toddlers, and individuals with special needs free of charge and by appointment only. And all seats must be installed by a certified installation specialist.

Diaper Bank offering free diapers and diaper changing supplies to families enrolled in our programs.

Wayne Metro also hosts two annual Community Baby Showers that help 300 expecting parents prepare to welcome a new member into their family.

Summer Food Service Program

The State of Michigan’s Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) provides free healthy meals to children during the summer months.

Child and Adult Food Care Program

Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency is a Sponsor in the State of Michigan’s federally funded Child and Adult Food Care Program (CACFP). The program is available to schools, churches, day-care centers, and community centers within Wayne County. This program provides free healthy meals to children.

Michigan Benefits Access - Michigan Benefits Access encompasses the MI Bridges program. Wayne Metro is a partner with Michigan Benefits Access. We can provide you with guidance in registering with MI Bridges.

If you are a Wayne County resident, our Home Energy Supports program can provide you with assistance in paying past-due utility bills including electricity and gas (or other deliverable fuels such as home heating oil). We can also provide guidance to help you get your utility services restored if they have been shut off.

Nutrition Education

Nutrition Education programming helps individuals and families make healthier food choices and choose physically active lifestyles by acquiring the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behavior changes necessary to improve their health.

Homeless Prevention - Serving the Out-Wayne County communities (outside of the city of Detroit), the Out-Wayne County Homeless Services Coalition is a partnership between multiple service agencies, organizations, and governmental departments that works to identify and eliminate the social and economic conditions and situations that lead to homelessness, as well as any gaps that may exist in homeless services. Wayne Metro is the lead organization in the Coalition.

Homeless Youth Education Project

Through Wayne Metro’s Homeless Youth Education Project, homeless children and youth of Wayne County receive support, resources, and high-quality educational experiences that are designed to equal or surpass regular school programs. If you enroll your child in the program, you can be sure that they will not fall behind in their education and development due to homelessness. Also, you too can take advantage of some great programs and services that can truly help you and your family advance and reclaim independence and self-sufficiency.

Water Residential Assistance Program (WRAP)

The WRAP’s mission is to administer the distribution of the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) WRAP funding to the eligible, low-income residential customers of the GLWA service areas, with a vision to create a transformative water utility assistance program focusing on bill assistance, conservation, and self-sufficiency initiatives.

City of Detroit residents who are not eligible for WRAP assistance can enroll in the DWSD 10/30/50 Payment Plan. The plan allows for customers to pay down arrears by spreading them across future payments

Transportation and Passenger Safety

Wayne Metro partners with Vehicles for Change Detroit and Buckle Up for Life to help low-income people in need of transportation and passenger safety resources.

Vehicles for Change, a non-profit,  helps people earning low-incomes purchase a reliable vehicle for their family. Vehicles for Change repairs cars that meet our quality standards and awards them for as little as $750 to eligible families who are referred by social service agencies. Vehicles for Change guarantees low-interest car loans, under $1,000, helping recipients build credit while achieving pride of ownership. Additionally, the vehicles are repaired as needed before being sold and carry a six-month/6,000-mile warranty.

Buckle Up for Life is a program started by Toyota and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital that ensures children can ride safely in vehicles with education, car seat installation and inspection, and child passenger seat resources.

Financial Coaching

Wayne Metro’s Financial Empowerment Center (FEC) provides free financial coaching to help families and individuals improve their financial situations. When you engage in this program, you will be given the knowledge and guidance you need to increase your credit scores, net income, and net worth. You will:

  • Receive a personal financial review to locate any benefits for which you may qualify

  • Participate in one-on-one financial coaching

  • Learn how to improve your credit score

  • Get connected with financial services

  • Have opportunities to attend financial workshops

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Shares space with Highland Park Head Start.
Monday - Friday
9:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.

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