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Wayne RESA and Great Start Collaborative Wayne have completed the work to establish Detroit and Wayne County as part of the national “Talking is Teaching – Talk, Read, Sing” Campaign. Your involvement will help assure that families not only understand the importance of early brain development on all future learning, but also have the information and tools to nurture learning from the minute their babies are born. 

Why Join the “Talking is Teaching: BABIES NEED WORDS!” Community Campaign?

Working together to deliver messages about the importance of early learning as well as strategies to support early learning during everyday activities will make a profound, positive difference for children. 

Consider these facts:

  1. The brain develops more rapidly in the first few years of life than at any other time in life.

  2. Without positive interactions from loving adults, brain development won’t reach its’ potential.

  3. By age four, children in high income families hear up to 30 million words more than children living in poverty. Parental knowledge about child development can positively impact this statistic.

  4. The size of a child’s vocabulary in kindergarten predicts his or her ability to read proficiently.

  5. Small and meaningful actions – such as talking, reading and singing to young children – support early learning and development, and strengthen the parent-child bond.

  6. Reading aloud to young children is a habit that is essential in developing reading skills in children.

  7. Learning to read is an eight-year process that begins the minute parents first interact with their newborn baby! Being able to read proficiently by the end of third grade is imperative.

What Elements Define a Talking is Teaching Community?

  • Trusted messengers, such as pediatricians, home visitors, or faith leaders who have established positive, trusting relationships with parents and are conduits of information and tools.

  • High quality materials and tools.

  • Messages in community spaces and local media, ranging from grocery store signage to billboards and posters in and around public transportation to local radio ads and social media outreach.

How can your organization get involved?

  • Know the facts. Become a trusted messenger.

  • Display/distribute/discuss materials.

  • Host learning sessions for parents, professionals and community members.

  • Assist with costs associated with purchasing, designing and distributing materials.