St. John Mother Nurture Project

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St. John Hospital and Medical Center 5 East, 22101 Moross Road, Detroit, MI 48236


Our mission is to help mothers provide breastmilk for their babies, and to help them prolong their breastfeeding experience. We want every mother to reach their breastfeeding goal!


The Mother Nurture Project includes a Prenatal Lactation Counseling Program at the St. John OB Clinic that performs breast-feeding consultations before delivery, an important decision-making time for new mothers.

The Mother Nurture Project also sponsors the Mother Nurture Club, a weekly post-discharge breastfeeding club for mothers and babies.

In addition to our grant-sponsored services, we are proud of our St. John Outpatient Breastfeeding Clinic. Created in 2008, the clinic addresses the breastfeeding concerns of women and babies after they have been discharged from the hospital–in any stage of their breastfeeding journey.

Its unique design, the first of its kind in Michigan, allows a detailed visit with a breastfeeding doctor and a lactation consultant.  Every week, one day is dedicated to the care of the most vulnerable infants in our community, those discharged from the NICU on breast milk.

Our inpatient Birthing Center features the most comprehensive lactation support 6 days a week.  We are proud of our night shift coverage, providing seamless, coordinated breastfeeding help when mothers need it the most. In July 2014, St John Hospital and Medical Center became Detroit’s FIRST Baby-Friendly Hospital.

The St. John Mother Nurture Project envisions a community where every mother and baby, regardless of race or address, can experience the enduring benefits of breastfeeding.

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Located in the St. John Hospital and Medical Center on the corner of Mack Avenue.
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