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55 West 7 Mile Detroit, Michigan 48203


All pregnant moms are known as Little Sisters and all Little Sisters in Detroit are eligible for a SisterFriend!

Description: SisterFriends Detroit is a volunteer effort to support healthier moms and babies. They support to pregnant moms, and their families until their baby’s first birthday by connecting pregnant moms and families to existing programs and resources – and to each other.

A SisterFriend is a volunteer, mentor, and friend on a mission to care for you (her Little Sister). She will help you overcome challenges you may face during your pregnancy. She will be there for you so that you can have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

You can expect your SisterFriend to:

  • Care about you and your baby.

  • Connect with you every week (in person, over the phone, or through text).

  • Link you to community resources that support a healthy pregnancy, birth, and parenting.

  • Help you overcome any obstacles to prenatal care.

  • Plan for, and track, your prenatal appointments.

  • Commit to being there for you and your baby from pregnancy to baby’s first birthday.

Many times SisterFriends and Little Sisters become like family and stay in touch long after the Little Sister’s baby turns one!

For more information, call 313.961.BABY.

Partnership with Make Your Date Detroit:

Make Your Date™ Detroit focuses on reducing the number of preterm births in Detroit by providing women with prenatal care, cervical length screening and treatment (if necessary), pregnancy education classes, and group prenatal care. These efforts are coming together to offer Detroit families the best of the clinical and public health worlds: world-class medical care and best practice community-based supports.

As partners, SisterFriends Detroit and Make Your Date™ Detroit will offer the following:

  • Dual enrollment to moms signing up for either initiative

  • A SisterFriend for every mom who wants one

  • The Make Your Date™ Healthy Baby Plan, detailing mom’s plans for healthy pregnancy, birth, and baby

  • Education sessions on a variety of pregnancy, birth, and parenting topics

  • Collaborative care coordination for dualy enrolled moms

helpful tips
All moms who enroll in SisterFriends can automatically enroll in Make Your Date Detroit. Fill out the form on the website to be contacted:
Monday - Friday
8 AM - 5 PM

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