Early childhood services guideAre you pregnant or do you have an infant or toddler? Would you like to talk with someone about great ways to support your child’s health, growth and learning?



844-321-GROW (Wayne County) or 313-961-BABY (Detroit)

Specialists will assess the needs of pregnant women and families with young children and provide referrals to Family Support Providers (Home Visitors) to answer questions about how to stay healthy during pregnancy and how to be the best parent you can be through every stage of your baby’s development. Specialists will also provide available referrals for supportive services such as employment and training, housing resources, healthcare enrollment (Medicaid, MIChild and Affordable Care Act), food assistance, utility payment assistance, clothing and household items, etc. For more information please call 1-844-321-GROW



Infant Mental Health (IMH) is a home based intervention/prevention service for pregnant mothers and parents with infants & children through age 6. IMH offers assistance for children and families with behavioral, developmental, emotional and/or social needs. IMH services include both home/community based interactions with the child and family as well as case management services to link families with community resources and advocate for their well-being in schools, community/government agencies, etc. IMH services are covered by Medicaid, but in some cases, utilize funding dollars which results in either low or no cost to the families, regardless of Medicaid status.

  • Arab American Chaldean Council (ACC)  |  313-369-4730 ext. 4742  |  62 W. 7 Mile Rd., Detroit, 48223
  • The Children's Center  |  313-831-5535  |  79 W. Alexandrine St., Detroit, 48201
  • Development Centers  |  313-531-2500 ext. 2110  |  Telegraph Rd. Detroit, 48219
  • The Guidance Center  |  734-785-7700 ext. 7211  |  13101 Allen Road, Southgate, 48195
  • Hegira  |  734-419-3471  |  8623 N Wayne Rd., Westland, 48185
  • Lincoln Behavioral Services  |  734-937-9500  |  24425 Plymouth Rd., Redford, 48239
  • Northeast Guidance Center  |  313-824-8000  |  12800 E. Warren Ave., Detroit, 48215
  • Southwest Counseling Solutions  |  313-841-8900  |  1700 Waterman St., Detroit, 48209
  • Starfish Family Services / Lifespan Clinical Services  |  888-355-5433  |  18316 Middlebelt Rd., Livonia, 48152