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Early Care Providers

Group of preschoolers playing together.

Detroit SOARS

Scholarships are available for families attending Great Start to Quality 4 and 5 star rated providers.

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Great Start to Quality

Great Start to Quality helps you get the tools and child care provider resources you need to succeed. 

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Sad looking child in front of arguing parents.

Supporting Children Who Are Experiencing Stress

Child care providers can take steps to help children cope with worry and the uncertainty that change brings.

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Baby and Mom playing with Toys

8 Things to Remember About Child Development

Building on a well-established knowledge base more than half a century in the making, recent advances in the science of early childhood development and its underlying biology provide a deeper understanding that can inform and improve existing policy and practice, as well as help generate new ways of thinking about solutions.

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Father and toddler son laughing

Fostering Healthy Social and Emotional Development in Young Children

When children feel secure in their relationships and have their needs met in responsive and consistent ways, they begin forming strong social and emotional foundations.

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newborn sleeping on back in crib

Safe Sleep Resources

In order to protect the lives of infants in Michigan, we need your help. Take the time to understand the safe sleep guidelines and educate your clients, partner, friends and family.

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Dominoes laid out in rainbow pattern.

Don't Forget the Fun

Laughter is not only a great sound, it’s actually a healthy sound! Researchers tell us that laughter raises endorphins, which increases immunity, lowers stress. So laughter actually creates a healthy climate for learning.

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Trauma and Trauma Sensitive Practices in Early and Middle Childhood

How does trauma affect how children think, act, and learn? Learn more about trauma, it’s effects on young children’s brains and behaviors, and useful skills for working with children in trauma-sensitive ways.

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Boy in Tooth costume by chalkboard

Oral Health Promo Tools

Help spread the word about oral health with these free resources.

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