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Getting to Know My Child

A Guide for My Child's Kindergarten Teacher allows families to document information about their children to introduce them to the kindergarten teacher and make kindergarten transitioning easier.

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Parent-Teacher Conferences: How to Have Productive Meetings

The stress of parent-teacher conferences can be reduced with preparation, including involvement of the student.

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Bringing Attendance Home

Parents recognize the importance of daily school attendance. Missing 1 to 2 days of school per month can result in difficulties in learning and failure of courses.

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Girl with glasses looking through stack of books.

How the Education System Works

There are many more people involved in children's education besides the classroom teacher.

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Diverse group of students walking into school.

Why Parent Engagement is Important

Research provides evidence that parent engagement is associated with children's academic performance. 

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Facts for Families: What is the Read by Grade Three Law?

These Facts for Families help families understand the Read by Grade Three Law so they can support their child.

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