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Great Start to Quality

Michigan's Great Start to Quality helps families find the best early childhood care and learning settings for their children and helps early childhood educators improve their care of children.

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Why High Quality Matters

Learn what is "high quality" child care and education, why it matters, and how to identify it.

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Child Care Aware

The federal Office of Child Care offers a website of child care information for parents and child care providers. Child care resources are identified by state.

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Five Steps to Choosing Child Care

There are five steps recommended by the federal Office of Child Care for families to take to find child care that meets their needs.

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Resources for Parents

The federal Office of Child Care offers a series of links that explains a variety of child care services.

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Ounce of Prevention - What Quality Early Care and Education Looks Like

Early childhood education is about adults and children playing and learning together in an emotionally safe and predictable environment. 

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