Lakeridge Village, Inc.

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(313) 345-5933

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15941 Fairfield St Detroit, Michigan 48238

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There are no restrictions for warming center.  For transitional housing you must show papers of just finishing a treatment program


Lakeridge Village is a non-profit organization founded to provide safe, supportive and affordable housing. Over the past three years we have helped over 450 people secure independent housing and income. Many have reunited with their families after years of homelessness. Lakeridge Village has become a promising force for neighborhood, individual renewal and rebirth.

Transitional housing:

Lakeridge Village offers transitional housing for individuals that have just finished a treatment program.  The program accepts families and last for four months.  Once the transitional housing period is over Lakeridge Village will help find you permanent housing.

Warming Center:

This location is open as a warming center during especially cold winter nights. Please call (313) 345-5933 to find out when warming center is available. Warming center runs from 6:00 pm - until morning. There are plenty of tables to sit down at and there are church pews if you would like to lay down.

helpful tips
If you need a warming center come to the location at any time. They will not turn anyone away.
Please call.

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