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24356 Eureka Road, Taylor, MI 48180

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All are welcome.


The mission of ChristNet is to provide temporary overnight emergency housing assistance and other services to homeless men, women, and children. We do this by providing a safe secure sleeping space indoors; offering three meals per day; and by maintaining a case manager who identifies and coordinates mainstream resources to help those in need restabilize their lives,

ChristNet has two programs to serve the homeless:

Nighttime Shelter Program

A seasonal, rotating emergency night time shelter for homeless men and women. Children under age 18 are accepted when they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Our night time shelter serves as many as 30 guests per night (depending on the host site facilities). Guests may stay for up to 90 days.

Although the physical location of the shelter changes from week to week, a central intake has been designated for those seeking nightly shelter. This gathering spot, where guests are screened remains the same throughout the warming season. ChristNet intake takes place in the lower level of the Taylor Church of the Nazarene, 24356 Eureka Rd., Taylor, MI 48180. Transportation is provided from this site to the host church on a nightly basis. No one reporting directly to the host site church on their own will be admitted or accommodated.

Daytime Program

A year-round daytime program whose mission is to link homeless men and women in our community to resources such as job skill development, health services, and housing resources.

Both the night time emergency shelter program and the daytime program work together to provide our guests with the resources they need to move from homelessness to a more stable living environment.

Computers are available for job search, housing search, email etc.

Some clothing available.

helpful tips
There are never any charges to our guests for services provided by ChristNet.
(Temporarily located in the lower level of Taylor Church of the Nazarene. Located one block west of Telegraph Rd., on the north side of Eureka Rd. Guests seeking services please use the east side entrance.)
Monday - Saturday (Closed on Sunday)
7:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Light Breakfast served daily at 7:00 AM
Lunch served daily at 11:30 AM

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