great start wayne stand up parents

We invite you to join us at our free gatherings, trainings, and family fun events.
Contact the Parent Liaisons at  (734) 285-4001 ext. 2

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About Us

The Great Start Wayne County Parent Coalition is a group of expectant parents, parents, grandparents, foster/adoptive parents, and guardians with children under the age 12, who speak up for children's rights and stand up for their needs! The Coalition rallies to support the issues affecting children throughout the county. The ultimate goal is that all children will be successful in school and in life.

Why Join?

  • Builds up your parental resilience.
  • Helps you build social connections with other parents.
  • Increases your knowledge of child development.
  • Connects you to concrete support in Wayne County. 

Changes are made because your voice is valued. The Great Start Wayne Stand Up Parents provides an opportunity for parents to share information and methods to enhance the lives of children from prenatal to age 12.


Our Vision

Empower parents with a voice to obtain the needed resources for their young children to live in a loving and safe environment.

Our Mission

To assist in building public support and will for early childhood investment through support and educational activities at the local and state level; to support and be engaged in supporting the work of the GSC-W; to serve as a constituency group for parents on the GSC-W, giving them a means to better understand the desires and needs of parents in Wayne County; and to educate policy-makers on the importance of investing in the first five years of life and the essential role that parents and families play in the lives of young children.