What is MY BABY: Born Ready Campaign

A social media campaign with ready-made graphics, text, and hashtags that your organization can post to social media to promote healthy pregnancies and babies. Posts are available daily for January-March or pull content by topic and post anytime throughout the year. 

Why should my organization participate?

It's an easy, educational way to engage your network! Our campaign provides professional-looking graphics and educational messages ready to post to your followers every day.

How do I participate?

  1. Click a month below and pick a post. 
  2. Download, Right Click and Save As the provided graphic.
  3. Save graphic to your computer and upload to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram along with a message and hashtags.
  4. Repeat each day, as many times per week as you'd like!
  5. Use the #BornReady hashtag with your posts.
  6. Track your efforts by following the steps in our Insights Tracking Guide.

january contnet

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february content


march content


content by topic

Reach Your Due Date

Mommy's Milk is Magic

Protect Me While I Sleep

Birth Is Just The Beginning

Take Time To Bond