• Wayne County Community College Northwest Campus (map)
  • 8200 W. Outer Drive
  • Detroit, MI, 48219
  • United States

What will I Learn?

The conference offers different workshops with a variety of topics listed below. We start and end the conference as one large group for the Keynote and Closing remarks. The rest of the day lets dads choose what they want to hear about in each session.  For full descriptions of each please visit the Workshops Page here.  If you are interested in learning more about this years speakers visit the Speaker page here.

Following is the lineup of workshops for the 2016 Fathers Conference – Celebrating Fatherhood

Parenting Life Workshops

  • Bring Your Balls to the Game: Fathering the Boys

  • Raising Independent, Confident Girls

  • Managing Your Anger: What Works and What Doesn’t

  • Ask the Experts: Daughters on Fathers

  • Ask the Experts: Sons on Fathers

  • Your Child’s Digital Footprint – What Fathers Need to Know

  • Getting Teachers on Your Side

  • MoneyChat: Your Financial Game Plan!

Celebrating Fatherhood

  • Father's Forum

  • Revealing the Man in Your Heart: Introduction to Legacy

  • Wise Dads Panel

  • Man Quest: Equipping your son for the manhood journey

Divorce Topics

  • Strategies for Resolving Family Conflict

  • Divorce Demystified, Everything You Need To Know Before You File For Divorce

  • Minimizing the Effects of Divorce / Separation on Children

Where is the Conference?

The conference is held at the Wayne County Community College Northwest Campus, 8200 W. Outer Drive, Detroit, MI 48219.

How to Register?