Story Blocks

Multilingual rhymes and songs for early phonological awareness and language development.  

Tips for Parents of Kindergarteners

Ten tips for helping children of kindergarten age to have fun with language while strengthening early literacy skills. 

Giving Directions to  Children: You Know What I Mean?

Parents and caregivers must be aware of the development of children when communicating and giving directions.

Family Reading Time

Conversations during storybook reading with a young child can strengthen language and literacy skill development. 

Lectura en Familia: Recordándo el Cuanto/ Family Reading: Remembering the Story

Regardless of the home language, asking a child to remember or recall parts of a story during the reading of a storybook supports comprehension and language skills.

Parent Tips (54).png

Use Positive Words

Samples of appropriate language to use with children to express expectations of their behavior.